About us


 Tshwaranang Africa was formed as part of a Greater Black Economic Empowerment initiative and it aim to address the high level of unemployment in our country. It is a well known fact that the government alone is unable to provide resources needed to address the socio and economic issues of in the country, and business at large has become increasingly active in driving socio economic issues. Tshwaranang Africa  aim is to make meaningful and sustainable contributions to the quality of life of communities, and contribute to the development of skilled and competent people in South Africa. Further more the company commits to initiatives that are credible, and are sustainable and financially accountable.

Tshwaranang Africa   is a driven, oriented company which is committed in contributing significantly to the priority of sound community initiatives prerequisite for a sustainable African Renaissance. Tshwaranang Africa is  Transport and logistics company owned by black professionals from previously disadvantage background. By achieving an integrated non-racial and non sexist working environment that is representative of the population of the country,we  believes that Tshwaranang Africa it will contribute to the social upliftment of society, and the strength of the economy.


We are focusing on a niche market with up to date technology and we ensure that the initiatives of our clients is fulfilled with optimum efficiency. Our market target is making business long haul, with the aim of venturing into largest   warehousing clearing and forwarding with long term company growth. Our scope of work includes independent business units with a dedicated and professional management team with extensive knowledge of their field.



Our core mission is to be versatile and competitive company In the Southern Africa. We will achieve high standard to ensure that our client’s requirements are met through a comprehensive rank of research and consulting services. Our approach is the identification of needs, care and facilitation of solution through expert research, analysis and action oriented advice.